52 Weeks of Organizing- Week 7

I was able to complete two smaller projects this week.

The first one was the second of the 3 drawers in our kitchen. Yes only 3 drawers in the entire kitchen. Actually, the entire house as there are no drawers in our bathroom either. No junk drawers for this girl!!!
Except that this drawer became the "kitchen junk" drawer. Everything from Ziplocs to wooden spoons to oven mitts and fondue forks was just getting shoved in the drawer.

I also see a cheese grater, rolling pin, measuring cups, funnel, Kitchen Aid attachments. Oh my!

After a bit of purging, sorting and relocation of a few items my drawer now looks like this:

Ahhhh so much better. You can't see the over mitts tucked between the front of the drawer and the baskets or the rolling pin behind the basket of large utensils but they are there. 

The smaller basket in the front is for baking items including measuring cups/spoons and my cookie scoop. The smaller basket in the back is a mishmash of utensils and our extra can opener. We did have three due to moving and misplacing our good one twice but I got rid of that! 

Surprisingly, my husband did one of this week's organizing project without any suggestions or prompting from me! We have been meaning to put up our shoe rack by our backdoor for a while now (read: three months) but kept putting it off.

I came into the kitchen and saw he had pulled all the shoes out of the backdoor area, was vacuuming and had the shoe rack ready to be assembled. Of course I jumped in and helped him out!

It only took us about 15 minutes to complete this little project but the results have been wonderful. No more tripping over shoes every time we come in the door. No more snow ending up inside of shoes because they were piled up on each other. The backdoor area looks just that much better. It's not perfect and there is a lot more we want to do but it is one small step and better than it was.

We have more shoes. In a box somewhere in the garage!
 Since it's winter we really only need our boots right now. 

My new motto in this organizing journey --> "It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be better!"

Here's to a successful week 8!!!!

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