Daily 5x7: #1

I have officially become a fan of digital scrapbooking! Since I haven't really been documenting anything about my pregnancy I decided in the middle of the night last night to change that! I'm making a minibook of (hopefully) daily thoughts, pictures, milestones etc. of the last half of my pregnancy. I'll be printing them out at the 5 x 7 size, hole punching them and using binder rings to make a book.

I completed my first page tonight and it was so much simpler and motivating to do it digitally than doing it with paper. I like the instant gratification! It's not really that shocking to me that I enjoy digital scrapbooking as I've always been a bit of a computer geek haha.

Here's is the first page of my book. I'm considering creating a separate "baby blog" and if I do I'll be sure to leave the link here!

Please don't take what I've written the wrong way, I feel like a bad pregnant woman considering all the "I love my body and all the changes that are going on" and "pregnancy is the most wonderful, delightful experience ever" blogs I've read lately but my words are honest. 

Our baby was 100% planned and 100% wanted and desired but I've felt pretty awful for the last 18 weeks. I am so happy that at the end of all this there will be a lovely little one as a part of our family. I also feel so grateful that becoming pregnant was really easy for us. 

I'm hoping that by doing this book I will be able to see more of what I enjoy about being pregnant. It will also provide our child with adequate material for therapy when they are adults "My mom didn't like being pregnant with me...." Just kidding ;)

ps. I realized I have a massive typo that I thought I had fixed but apparently it didn't work quite right. The picture I get printed will be right though!

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