101 List Update #2

It's that time again! It has already been a month since I did an update on my 101 in 1001 list!
I wasn't super focused on the list in February but I still managed to make some progress.

19. Decorate the kitchen. 
36. Finish 30 sewing projects (2/30).

I made these curtains from some super cheap fabric I found at Ikea. Including the curtain rod it cost me $9 to make these babies. They aren't my dream curtains but they are so much better than the nasty brown velourish cat hair covered curtains that resided there before.

22. Cook one new recipe every month (5/33). 

I made peanut butter cookies, soft molasses cookies and Irish soda bread.

33. Scrapbook all printed out pictures. 

I put this aside for a while but last night did 13 pages and am going to continue doing more today. I almost gave up on doing these but when I looked at my previous scrapbooks I decided it would be worth it. I don't do elaborate pages. Right now its just the photos on the pages. I will add titles later and possibly some journaling but that's probably it.

61. Drink more water. 

I've somehow gotten into this amazing habit of at least four big glasses of ice water a day. I don't think that I will fall out of this as I really notice when I'm not drinking enough. We will probably invest in a countertop ice maker soon because it seems to be the only way either of us will drink water- with lots of ice!!!

88. Make bed every day. 

Again I've just gotten into this habit during February and now I can't imagine not making the bed every day. It just makes the room look so much better and since we are currently doorless (except for the bathroom) it also makes the whole house look neater!

92. Create and maintain a filing system for papers. 

I did this as part of my 52 Weeks of Organizing. See the post here.

I'm pretty proud of myself as I've managed to cross 3 more things off my list completely and continue on the progress with many more.

Items completed: 13/101 (12.8% complete)
Items in progress: 23/101

Check out Rockstar Mommy's Day Zero Project  to see another great "101 in 1001 list". She organizes her's a bit different than mine and has a whole separate blog to keep track of it! She's pretty awesome :)

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  1. Aww, thanks for the mention! That made my day!!